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CorpCare Does

Things Differently

CorpCare is committed to creating and maintaining positive, lasting, relationships, between our clients and staff based on excellence, integrity and reliability.

Why we’re different

We are not simply seeking a one-time contract or practicing revolving door policies, instead we are seeking a long-term relationship with our customers. Many fly-by-night operations are here and gone before you know it, but not CorpCare, we have been in business since 2000, have a solid reputation and continue to grow each year.


CorpCare was a small business start-up in Alpharetta, Georgia that has grown to satisfy customer’s needs all across Georgia and in the surrounding southeastern United States.

What is our Secret?

In short, it’s our people, along with a shared commitment to provide world class customer service and exceed the customer’s expectations, each and every day. It all starts with our staff, who are the back bone of our company.

A Little Of Our Story

Our Mission

CorpCare is committed to creating and maintaining positive, lasting, relationships, between our clients and staff based on excellence, integrity and reliability. Our staff will work hard to satisfy the customer’s needs in a timely and effective manner. We will be open and honest in our dealings with the customer and be sensitive to the unique needs and challenges that every business has. Lastly, our staff will always be available to answer questions, resolve problems and handle issues that occur in facilities under our care.

At CorpCare, we want to “make it a great one” for you and your business!

Our Company Values

  • Commitment: We are committed to providing a professional working environment.
  • Adaptation: The dynamics of our industry requires us to be resourceful, innovative and flexible. Each Corporate Care Team Member has a responsibility to continue our professional development.
  • Reliable: We are committed to providing a professional working environment for our employees and clients. We want to be the Team that customers know that they can count on.
  • Excellence: We must strive for excellence in everything that we do, from our services to our customer relations.
  • Satisfaction: The Corporate Care team is committed to customer satisfaction. Client trust and confidence is something that we work hard to ensure, because each client is more than a customer, each client is a partner in our mutual success.
It's all about the

Quality Control

The CorpCare management team is the foundation of our quality assurance program. All CorpCare team members, beginning with our President through the general cleaner, are constantly working to ensure that all services performed by CorpCare have reached the highest level of quality and workmanship that can be produced.

We are proactive in our approach and have the resources available to react to emergencies 24 hours a day. By using our comprehensive training and recruitment programs, CorpCare works to ensure that every manager, supervisor, and general cleaner fully understands the scope of work, quality of standards, and levels of expectations.

In addition to monthly quality control inspections, the Quality Control Account Manager shall provide copies of all reports to the operations manager for review on a monthly basis. Performance of service is evaluated to assure satisfaction and adherence to specifications.

Building maintenance personnel are required to report all damages, breakage, plumbing problems or maintenance items immediately to the Quality Control Account Manager. In the case of an Emergency, emergency procedures will be followed as designated for the building.

Our goal is to continually exceed expectations. Our Quality Control Account Manager is your CorpCare liaison that proactively works to inspect your facility for quality of service. The benefit our valued clients receive is personal care and guaranteed performance, resulting in outstanding customer satisfaction. With an effective communications infrastructure, we listen, we care, and we deliver 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.