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“Wow, I was very impressed with Corporate Care. We had our carpets cleaned right because our infant daughter was about to start crawling, and we wanted to make sure that the carpets were clean. First off the technician was on time, and very professional. He explained what he was going to do and quickly got to work. I couldn’t believe the pet stains and odors that he was able to get out of our carpets. I also was impressed by the fact that the water solution was hot enough to kill most bacteria and other critters in the carpet. You guys got out stains and pet odors that our home steam cleaner and another carpet cleaning companies couldn’t get out. I couldn’t believe how good our carpets looked and smelled. It was comforting to know that we wouldn’t have to worry as much about our daughter crawling on the floor. Thanks Corporate Care”
– Mark Redfern

“Corporate Care has handled our cleaning since 2003. We have been very satisfied with the level of service, flexibility in working with our schedule and most importantly with the responsiveness and commitment to quality. Of the various building maintenance companies I have had experience with, I have never had one that does periodic spot inspections after the cleaning crew has already finished their work. This is the one additional service that sets them apart from the others.”
– James Majeske

“Corporate Care has always done a top notch straight A performance when it comes to cleaning. When asked upon to wax our break rooms to the TAJMAHALL type quality of cleaning, Corporate Care has always come through. From carpet cleaning to general facilities cleaning, I know that the job Corporate Care does will be right. The best thing about Corporate Care that comes to my mind is when Corporate Care basically kept our plant from burning down. Corporate Care employees came in on a weekend morning to clean. The employee unlocked a door and saw one of our machines on fire. He immediately called 911, then went and fought the fire. If it was not for Corporate Care I may not have a place to work today. I would personally highly recommend Corporate Care for anyone’s cleaning needs.”
– Joe V. Bentley

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